Reinstall of Roon Server IOS devices cannot Connect

I reinstalled Roon Server onto my PC. But now my IOS devices cannot pick up my 2 networked players
Any one experienced this?

Your IOS devices see the players via your core, so are they enabled in the audio settings? An idea of your setup would be helpful.

windows 7 on the core
raspi 3s one in the living room with coax digi output board running raspian going into an audiolab dac then a meridian pre and power amp the other with iqaudio amp and dac outputing to speakers running raspian in the dining room
if i install the roon software onto the core i can see both devices and play music through them. But with just roon server i cant even see my 2 devices on ipads or iphones

they dont even show as available in audio settings.

That isn’t great. It may be your firewall is treating the two programs differently so check it isn’t blocking server.

well i reinstalled server again and would you believe it, its working.
No idea why but both pis are available.