Reinstall Roon after PCs Stolen

My two laptops on which I had Roon installed (core and control) were stolen in a recent burglary. Can I just reinstall on my new laptop or are there specific steps to follow? Thanks, Eddie

That rots. Hope you get everything back and up and running soon. :persevere:

Thanks Robert. Wife was at home but thankfully not physically harmed. Eddie

You can just install Roon on your new computer, use your existing license.

Probably you should change your passwords, too …

Thanks for the quick response Oliver. I’ll do that once the new laptop arrives (hopefully on Tuesday). Eddie

Hi Eddie,

sorry to hear about that. If it were me I would not wait to get back online and change all my passwords. Do it straight away! Once a laptop is stolen they can potentially get at passwords for anything you have accessed on there. In no particular order I would ensure that the following were changed immediately:
Online banking
Numerous forums (including this one) that I use regularly.
For some of the above, I have 2 factor authentication set up, so the password alone is no use to anyone but they could still try to blag there way in through a phone call to a helpline if they had a password.

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