Reinstalling Roon on new Mac mini and restoring backup from old server (ref#EO2JQF)

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My Roon server is on a pc that has died. Reinstalling Roon on new Mac mini but cannot access anything. How do I close out the old server, get access and restore from the backup

Describe your network setup

Router Fritzbox 5730. Old core was on PC laptop, backup is on external drive, new Mac mini. No network problems apparent

This is the basic process:

Where exactly are you getting stuck?


The precise location of stuckness was between the ears. It has been a challenging time the last few weeks and I missed the option to deregister, or unauthorise the previous account. All seems to be well now, thank you. A huge number of duplicate albums that need to be cleared out but as long as I have music while I am doing it, I mostly glad to have Roon back after a few months without.


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