Rejected Marantz PM7000N - Certification issue (ref#0XG6NM)

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I have been communicating with Kevin for another ongoing issue [now solved].
I thought I had removed all obstacles, but during Roon setup, Roon rejected my Marantz PM7000N streaming receiver with a message stating that the manufacturer had not completed certification for this device. (Please see attached screenshot of Roon message.)

Two problems with this.

  1. The Marantz was sold to me 2 years ago as Roon ready, and I have been using it successfully with Roon for the past 2 years.

  2. Frustrated that we are no closer to solving this despite hours of working on this at my end and several days to wait for each response/suggestion on your end.

In fact, this has taken so long that I am hoping you have had time to fix your buggy software by now.
Please get back to me quickly this time.

Thank you, Susan Bold

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I’ve already filled this in three times in the last month so you have it.

Connected Audio Devices

I’ve already filled this in 3 times in the last month so you have it.

Home Network Details

I’ve already filled this in three times in the last month so you have it.

Unfortunately, your device is listed as Roon Tested and not Roon Ready. Unless this is a mishap on Roon’s behalf (it’s been known to happen), then you were sold a lie.

Since it’s not Roon Ready I suspect you’ve been using AirPlay to stream from Roon.
Check Roon Settings>Audio and there should be an AirPlay option under Roon Tested or Other network devices.
Enable the Marantz there.

I can understand your frustration but Marantz or Denon never been Roon Ready only Roon Tested via Airplay. These are very different things. If your dealer sold it you saying it was Roon Ready he lied. Roon nor Marantz have never advertised it as such only Roon Tested. Which for HEOS devices means it uses the Airplay input to work with Roon.

However In the last HEOS update they started to appear in the Roon Ready section but they are not certified yet. This is same for every one and it’s affecting Denon devices to. This is not a Roon issue, it is known and down to Marantz//Denon adding test code to HEOS. This has been covered in about 10 other Marantz/Denon related threads.

Marantz look to be finally going through full Roon certification or at least starting to look at it and Roon confirmed this can happen. There is no dates given for when or if certification will complete. I have the Model 40n same thing as do all HEOS 2 devices.

Your amp should still work as it did before via Airplay. What happened when they released this version of HEOS is it’s seemed to have lost this connection under Roon Tested but this is still available under Other Network devices like below. Select that and it will work as if always has.

If it’s not showing under there then something else is stopping Airplay from being seen. Reboot your network gear, amp, core etc and see if it shows up. Do you have an iPhone to test if Airplay is working to the amp outside of Roon?

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Hello @experienceslb ,

Thank you for reaching out.

The Sound United team is working on a Marantz RAAT SDK integration and their early, uncertified RAAT SDK code made it into a public release. We don’t have a timeline on when a release will happen.

You were very likely using Airplay or another input to stream to this device previously, and until your device is fully certified, I would suggest reverting to the previous input method you were using.

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