Rel-29 Remember Browser Position

"The biggest functional change this week is that Roon will remember your browser position when you quit. Whether you’re running the Core software or remote, when you open Roon, your position and navigation history will be intact."

I just tried going to the Playback Queue Screen (Either showing the files, or Full Screen Mode), stop playback, close Roon, re-open Roon, Not at the Playback Queue Screen or Full Display Screen.

But when I was in an Album (seeing tracks) screen and quit, Roon came back to same screen.

From Main Roon screen where is shows Recently Added. Click on View All. You are now in Album View, with the Sort by Last Date Added, go to an album. Close Roon. Open Roon, Roon is now in “Sort” by Album Name view, not Last Date Added.

We don’t generally include the Queue/Now Playing screen in the navigation stack – it’s so common and transient, and is generally available from every screen in the app, so it gets some special handling.

This seems wrong. Checking on this.

Thanks @dshore!