Relationship of Library, Qobuz Favorites, and Availability

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Win 10 Pro / 1.8 790 64-bit

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Description Of Issue

Can you point me to a clear explanation of the relationship between “My Library,” Qobuz favorites, and availability of a track to be played?

I was listening to a Qobuz track on an album I’d added to my Roon library. I believe this also marks it as a Qobuz favorite?

I didn’t care for the sound quality, so removed it from my library. Roon immediately stopped playing the track. But I can play other Qobuz tracks that are not in My Library, so why was this purged from the Queue and play canceled?

Is there something in writing that clearly explains the connections between the heart icon, library icon (books), existing Qobuz favorite albums, Qobuz albums that I’ve added to my Roon library, and whether Qobuz albums added to, then removed from, my Roon library can still be played in Roon?

Hey @Mike-48,

That’s a great question! Thanks for asking it and for your incredible patience while we got a chance to reply. It’s been taking us longer than we had hoped :pleading_face:

The way Qobuz works in Roon is explained here:

This will also clarify that deleting a track in Roon, will remove it from your Qobuz favorites:

Please, let me know if any questions remain or if new ones come up :nerd_face: