Release 1.4 Buggy on iPad [Resolved with update of Roon App]

I’m a big Roon fan and each release of Roon has gotten better however 1.4 seems buggy. Here are some odd behaviors:

  • When adding a song to the queue:

    • “Add Next” works like “Play Now” used to. This option immediately stops the current track and plays the new one.
    • “Add to Queue” works like “Add Next” used to. This option inserts the chosen track to play when the current track concludes
    • There is no way to add a track to the end of the queue. Thats an important function!
  • The queue timer isn’t accurate

    • It overstates queue times
    • It counts down play time as the current track plays but when the track completes it reverts to the value showing prior to the current track beginning

I’m not sure the purpose of the non-consuming queue. Played tracks have to be manually deleted or the queue grows longer forever. All this extra button pressing distracts from uninterrupted music enjoyment!

What version are you running on the iPad? Seems like an old version.

Check Settings > About.

The non consuming queue was a much requested feature. You can just ignore it. It will build up to a large number of tracks and then old tracks will eventually drop off.

Cheers, Greg

Adding to @Greg’s post … make sure the iPad is running iOS 11.x.x as this is required to run Roon 1.4 application on it.

Thank you Carl, Greg for the rapid reply. Last night I upgraded the ipad to version 11 to no avail – the symptoms I described have not changed. The ipad is running the remote version 1.3 build 276; the server (a macbook) is running Roon 1.4 build 294 on operating system 10.8.5. I welcome your further suggestions.

That’s the problem. Go to the App Store on your iPad and check Updates at the bottom. There should be a Roon update to 1.4 Build 294.

Cheers, Greg

Just an observation but if your core is running on 10.8.5 then it’s likely to be a pretty old Mac…so don’t be surprised if you hit some performance humps if you try dsp options and maybe even more than 1-2 concurrent streams and have searching delays if your library is sizable

I updated to the correct iPad remote version as suggested and ahhhhh! Everything works well, case closed, happy subscriber! :slight_smile: Even the non-consuming queue, which I found cumbersome, is now a pleasure to use. Thank you!

Thanks for the tip. It is a pretty old Macbook but so far doing the job.