Release 175 update created chain reaction in library

Right after CD ripping ROCK went spinning… Activity: creating duplicates of duplicates of duplicates (and so on forever) for the whole internal Library! With the path like /internalstorage/internalstorage…

I switched it to disable in settings, it’s OK with additional external HDD, but not with internal. Doing restore from latest backup now…

P.S. Media folders / files on the internal HDD look untouched though. Only library became creasy.

P.P.S. After library restore from backup all went smooth, no problems so far. Creating a fresh backup, then do grab another CD and see what will happen.

send me some screenshots or directory listings… This might be something other than the CD ripper. I say this because the ripper software never copies files. It only generates and moves files.

CD ripper worked fine for me and caused any issues

The album is not in the databases so it was not recognized.

CD ripper was the reason… But as soon as I add any new file to the internal storage (via SMB) it has the same effect — chain reaction creating duplicates, as shown above.

All these duplicates are in the library only, no physical files copying.

Duplicates reaction goes forever, until I delete files added.

Just in case I started reinstall of OS via web-interface.

When I delete the files (new files, including that CD ripping ones) from the internal storage via samba access – it’s all immediately became quiet.

Any file adding to the external HDD works perfect.

I don’t mean to be cynical, but who had to have ripping?

What about Airplay2 whichI believe would be important to far more users?


Don’t mean to be cynical, but Roon did. If you are shopping for music servers and things like Innuos have CD ripping capabilities and Nucleus+ doesn’t, you may choose the Innuos. This makes things a little more comparable.

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My money is on that too

Watch out for Nucleus V 2

It begs the question of the direction of Roon’s Master Plan, more hardware than software

Well, I used Gigabyte Brix hardware. No problems with ROCK.

As for my duplicates above: the reason was wrong permissions set on the internal HDD. I copied files to it from another HDD using Ubuntu, that was mistake.

Not so it’s for Roon OS not just Nucleus so available for anyone who uses it for free. What’s not to like.