Release 2022.11

New month, new release.

I’ve spend some time rewriting the touchscreen logic wrt to the screensaver.
Gone are the ‘power’ buttons: you can now cycle through the clock/screensaver settings by touching the coverart/screen.

And maybe the longest standing requests… select the zone directly from the UI.

Here’s the changelog:

  • NEW: support for the InnoMaker Rpi HiFi DAC HAT
  • NEW: support for the Hifiberry AMP3 HAT
  • NEW: select zone from the display
  • NEW: toggle clock/blankscreen from the display
  • IMPROV: bump HQPlayer NAA



My RoPieee used a long time on this upgrade. Probably more than an hour. Any traces of why in the feedback? a8a31ca3fd42b22e

Earlier today I powered up the pi4 for the first time in over four months (due to a relocation) The update from the May release also took very long time, but I sort of expected that…

Harry, this is a great feature! I can’t wait for the update to show up here.

Harry, in my normal grouped zones, the displays do not automatically start when music starts, and must be tapped twice. Is this expected behaviour? Or is there a setting I am missing?


@spockfish , Harry, my problem seems to be unrelated to grouped zones.

In my environment, when music starts in a zone and the prior state of the associated display is “clock”, the state of the display does not change. Tapping twice (first to turn screen off, second to display music content), works in every case so far.

Hi Harry,

Might be clear to many, but not sure if I know what this means!


Oh sorry :face_with_peeking_eye:

It means I’ve upgraded to the latest version.

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Ok I’ll test this in my setup.

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Makes sense now! :slightly_smiling_face:

Found it, will fix it asap.

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This is great, thank you - Would it be possible to also toggle this from a Remote Control connected to the display - say with ‘i’ button (there are a few un-used buttons on the remote).


Latest update developed a problem with the touch screen. It doesn’t wake from clock screen. I can manually wake it by touching it twice. The first touch gets a blank screen (all black), next touch pulls up the controls and display. I did a search of the forum and found one reference to the same problem in 2018. This is the first problem I’ve encountered with Ropieee. It’s not really a problem as the Pi plays fine without the display, but it is an inconvenience and I know it’s not supposed to work this way. Anybody else have this problem?

Yep, this has been reported by @Nathan_Wilkes as well.
I’ve got a fix so this will be in the next release (coming weeks).


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Since installing this release my OSMC remote has stopped working.
Zone name is set correctly both in RoPieee and in Roon.

Schermafbeelding 2022-11-24 224840
Schermafbeelding 2022-11-24 224938

yes, same here

Can you send me feedback (you can find that on the ‘advanced’ tab) after you clicked a few buttons?


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Thanks for the reply Harry, I clicked play/pause, forward/next some times on the OSMC remote (remote light is blinking when I press buttons) before clicking the feedback button in the RoPieee advanced section.

Output : e3a75c0434cdc2dd

I see you have zones grouped. Can you try without?

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Thanks Harry, I hadn’t thought about trying that one yet.

Okay so when I ungroup any other device except the connected USB DAC the OSMC remote does work.
However on the previous RoPieee this wasn’t a problem (i was on the older version and had to manually flash this one to update, i used Rufus).

Of course the OSMC volume control only controlled the USB DAC connected to my RPI but play/pause did work for the grouped zone in the old version, and it’s that function I’m missing the most right now, my smartphone isn’t always in reach.

You were not exactly clear on what the previous version was… But I pressume you mean the version before you manually had to update.

Looking at your logs I’ve come to conclusion (for now) that the current remote controller does not deal well with grouped zone’s. I’m going to look into this.


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