Release 2022.11

Yes apologies I don’t know exactly which version it was, but it was indeed that one before you manually had to update using Etcher or Rufus. I had set a weekly reboot schedule and auto update which took care of minor updates.

Thank you for looking into it, it’s much appreciated.

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I’m having a problem with the new touch screen feature. While showing the normal playing screen, one tap switches to the clock. A 2nd tap shows a blank screen. Then that’s it. Multiple taps still just show a blank screen. I have to reboot it to get the display back.

RoPieee 2022.11 (0578)
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1

I just returned home after being gone for a week and installed RoPieeeXL 2022.11 (579) on two RPi4’s with no issues. Thanks Harry.

Updated three devices, all works well! Thanks a lot!


I just flashed the RopieeeXL SD card in my Raspberry Pi, but it’s not going anywhere. Is the Raspberry Pi 2 still supported? I’ve been running version 4.020 quite successfully on the Raspberry Pi for 2 years now.

If it is not supported, can I get a download link for 4.020 as I don’t have any rPi3 or rPi4 available and with the current supply chain situation it doesn’t look like getting one is going to happen any time soon…


Short answer: no.

You can find the supported listed here: RoPieee | Software. The guide ( should also be current as well.

A bit disappointed there is no warning to the effect. The welcome screen simply sends one to the SW download page.

Oh well, now that I reinstalled it Roon is super confused and thinks both of my devices are one and the same…

First of all, congrats Harry on the 2022.xx updates. I just installed it this morning.
I really like the toggle-display-zones feature on the screen. Works like a charm.

Q: The toggle only affects the display zone. The remote zone remains unchanged. Will toggle apply to the remote-zone as well in the future?

(I always have Display & Remote set to the same zone. I am assuming most people use it that way.)