Release 2023.01.1


The new API had one serious regression: changing something in the XL tab resulted in a crash of the webpage. That has been resolved with this update.

Expect your unit to show the update somewhere in the next 24 hrs.

You can find the details on

As always, enjoy!


Hi Harry @spockfish , thanks again for what you keep doing improving Ropieee :slight_smile:

I have a small issue/bug to report:

In my bedroom I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with Pi Display running RopieeeXL latest version. It’s feeding a Topping E50 DAC and also I have a Flirc USB attached to the Pi 4 via USB which I control with my Harmony Elite remote. Everything works great. However, since upgrading my iPhone to iPhone 14 Pro Max, I noticed a very odd behavior. This setup in my bedroom I use it almost daily (currently) to bike indoors with Zwitf so I have an iPad mini 6 that iI use as Roon remote and also the Harmony Elite remote to pause and change volume in my receiver. Like I said, everything works fine, but some times, like 1 out 5, when I unlock my iPhone using Face ID, Roon playback stops. Yes, music playback stops or pauses when Face ID is used on my iPhone 14 Pro Max. After traying many things, I decided to take the Flirc USB out and then the issue stoped. As soon I put it back in, the issue comes back. And only happens when unlocking my iPhone with Face ID. After further investigation, I found that Face ID uses an Infra Red (IR) camera which looks like is causing conflict with the Flirc USB. I’m guessing the Face ID camera is emitting a similar signal to the Pause or Stop discrete code functions in the Flirc USB that is causing Roon playback to stop when Face ID is used.

Here is a feedback that I sent right after the last time this glitch was present: