Release 2023.01

New year, new release!

Just noticed that this is RoPieee’s 6th year!

Anyways, fairly modest release except that I completely rewrote RoPieee’s API.
In general this is not something you should notice (except some hardly noticeable performance improvements while navigating the web interface), but for RoPieee this is an important step. The new API brings all kinds of possibilities, and opening it up is one of the first things that will happen next. That means that ‘tinkerers’ can use RoPieee’s API to get information etc.

One of the things I really want myself is Home-Assistant integration.

But that’s all for the future, right now this is step 1 and the API is not available for you just yet :wink:
For the rest stuff all over the place, pretty solid release.

Over the next 24 hrs the update should pop up on your RoPieee unit.

You can find everything on RoPieee’s webpage, but here’s the changelog:

  • NEW: add support for Innomaker AMP HAT
  • NEW: completely rewritten API
  • IMPROV: update Linux kernel
  • IMPROV: [XL] change Librespot ‘quiet’ loudness normalization
  • IMPROV: [XL] update Squeezelite
  • IMPROV: [XL] Squeezelite: improved compatibility wrt audio hw
  • IMPROV: [XL] update Squeeze2upnp



Wonderful! Thank you!

Could the new release be the reason that downloads of the image from the website are sloooooow right now? Is your server being hammered by updates perhaps?

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Yep it is. The new release also should fix this for the future.

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Installed on my 2 RBpi’s and running flawlessly again!

No problems here. Thanks Harry.

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No issues thusfar. New releases always give me an excuse to just flip through tracks looking for soemthing in case I can come up with any strange behaviour, but nope, all good. Thanks!

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All good here - as always. Thank you.

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All three of my 4b’s updated without issue. Thanks for always improving the offering @spockfish !

I may be in the minority but I use RoPieee exclusively for the Spotify and UPNP capabilities for Qobuz. I do not use Roon.

Could someone help me understand what “Volume normalization” and “Normalization pregain” settings I should be using in Spotify connect? I’m using ‘off’ and ‘normal’ respectively.


Only one of my Pi’s has updated. I have two 3Bs and one 4B. One of the 3Bs updated but not the other two. That seems strange. All of my Pi’s have updated at the same time in the past.

Did you try to manually update them and see that the update had been pushed to them?

Bedankt voor de update!

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Thanks for this update Harry. Great that you’ve rewritten the API. I hope it will be opened up soon so I can make it integrate in my Domoticz home automation.

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One little thing:
Under devices, after updating I don’t see further the other running RoPieees (I’m using three at the moment).

On all my RoPieee’s (4 pieces), I can see all the RoPieee’s available with version “2023.1 (710)”. So in any case, it is not a general error.
Perhaps a restart of your RPI’s will fix this isuue.

After a reboot it takes a while to show other devices

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Thanks @spockfish, this was a smooth and fast update, and my Pi runs as stable as ever.

By the way, and out of curiosity, do you have an estimate of how many RoPieee devices are out there?

I know, but not over 10 hours…

That runs in the thousands.

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@spockfish - Thank you, I now have Squeezelite working with my DAC.

There was a problem with the configuration though. When I hit ‘Apply’ the web page stopped responding. After setting the hostname, it all worked.

Or in Firefox

If I then browsed to, then I’m back at the Welcome splash screen

After the update, when the Pi boots up, it can’t find the internet connection.

Neither wired or wifi…