Release 2023.01

Thanks @Simon_Higgs confirmed bug.

This will be fixed in the next release.

Okay, couldn’t get the update to find the internet, so decided to reflash the card.
Did that and everything seemed fine. Installed the card, turned on the Pi, and no green light. Just the red power light.
I have no idea what happened. Is my Pi4 somehow kaput?

add 2 since last week!! :rofl:

Are you sure you have the right image?

Yeah, that was my mistake. I realized it just before you posted, but thanks it would have saved me. I have several Pi’s and got confused between them and flashed the wrong version.
It’s working now.

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Both my Pi4 have updated with no problem, albeit a couple of days apart.

Both my Pi3 aren’t showing the “update available” banner and are still on 2022.11.2

Never had any delay before with updates - all 4 of my Pi have always come through at the same time.

Can I force the update somehow?

Try and reboot your Pi’s. That’s what I had to do. About five minutes after the reboot the update was available.

Many thanks for this!

I’ve been using the software on a pi4 for some time now to feed into my schiit magni/modi headphone setup in the office, and do have some additional functionality via home assistant already via the existing roon integration. For example - a hue button to start/stop playback so that I don’t always need to reach for a device.

I am interested in what you’re doing with the API and what your future home assistant integration might look like :slight_smile:

Is there anywhere I can find more info on either yet, @spockfish ?

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Raspberry Pi 4 working flawlessly here. Thank you very much!