Release 2024.06

Hi all,

I’ve just released 2024.06!

This is a rather small release that cleans up after the WPA3 issue.
The good news is we are back at the Linux 6.6 kernel.

Here’s the changelog:

  • NEW: option to show changelog
  • IMPROVEMENT: upgrade Linux kernel
  • IMPROVEMENT: update Shairport-Sync component (Airplay)
  • IMPROVEMENT: update UPnP bridge component

As always it will take a few hours before the update hits your system.

Enjoy this release and the summer!

Best regards,


Just to be sure, does:

cleans up after the WPA3 issue.

Mean WPA3 now works or does it mean you got rid of remnants and WPA3 does not work?
Just asking for a friend… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

WPA3 is supported, but not on the internal wifi interface.
It is only supported if you use an external dongle.

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Hi Harry, where is it? I cannot find it

It is on the info tab, below the version.
It will only show up when it has downloaded the changelog, so that could take some time.


Updated my Rpi4b,with a Flirc remote and 7" screen. Update locked up with blank screen, near end of process. Waited 15 minutes or so, then restarted rpi via switch on power lead. All good :+1:

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Updated my Ustar C19 (CM4 based) without any issue, as well as two RPI4.

Thank you and more than happy to rediscover 6.6 improved SQ…

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Updated my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2 1G with HifiBerry DAC+ without any issues.
Thanks a lot.

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same here, too

3 pi4b’s updated with no issues. Thanks Harry!

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Since upgrading to 2024.06, I have started having trouble where after a period of time audio playback stops and the RoPieee no longer shows as a zone in Roon. Sometimes the RoPieee remains accessible via HTTP, and if I soft-reboot the RoPieee then it returns to Roon and I can play again. Other times the RoPieee is not network reachable. If I leave it, it seems to come back on its own but it takes a long time, and then the cycle will repeat.

I had upgraded from the previous release to 2024.06 using the built-in software update, and then when I noticed problems I also installed fresh from the 2024.06 image, with the same results. This is on a Pi 5.

Feedback #: 9051d7f827904101

Hi Evan,

Your logs show an ethernet connection problem: it continously reports ‘up and down’, which results in a flakey connection.

Can you look if this could be something to do with the physical connection - connector, cable, router etc.

Hi Harry – wiggling the cable at the Pi did not change, but I have replaced the entire cable and put back on 2024.06 and will see how it goes. Thank you for responding!

I had one Pi that developed a dodgy Ethernet port, so if the cable doesn’t fix it, perhaps worth trying another Pi.

Replacing the cable seems to have solved the problem – I have been listening for a few hours with no dropouts. Thank you again!


About external dongle : I tried a dongle (Edimax Technology Co., Ltd EW-7611ULB 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter, as shown in Ropiee). Works very well for a (long) while, then suddenly playing stutters badly, Roon skips to the next track, with same problems. I have to stop playing for good and restart it to retreive a normal playing. Never had this problem with internal Wifi (but alas, not usable anymore for WPA3 networks users)

I don’t think this is a Wifi problem, I suspect conflict between USB port of dongle and USB port for DAC, this is the new thing. Does someone knowns the internal architecture or Raspi4 USB buses, and buses sharing ? Are all USB ports on the same data bus, or can I try different ports ?