"Release date" field is empty for most of my tracks, but the DATE / year tags are set correctly

Hello everyone, it’s my first time using Roon. I don’t really understand why is the “release date” field / sorting option empty for at least 3/4 of my tracks. Needed tags are set (I’ve verified with the mp3tag) as you can see:

The Help article on File Tag Best Practice shows the tag ORIGINALRELEASEDATE being used. The alternative tag for the year of release is YEAR. You are using DATE, which may not be being recognised by Roon as a valid tag.

Perhaps you could try using your tag editor to change to one of the other tags and see what happens?

I only see missing release dates for unidentified albums in my library. As you filtered for tracks from singles, this might be the case for the many missing dates. I would classify this as a bug in Roon. There are currently quite a few bugs regarding unidentified albums in Roon. :unamused:

PS: YEAR and DATE should be the correct file tags for release date AFAIK.

Thanks @BlackJack - I wasn’t sure about what mapping Roon may have in place for tag names.

You’re right, thank you Geoff. I’ll try.

Hello @Bizarny,

A very belated welcome to the Roon community and to the Roon software itself :wave:

I am so sorry that we’ve taken this long to get back to you :pleading_face: . This is not a reflection of our normal response times - for a little while we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of posts that need our attention and, while things are looking up, we’re still a bit late…

Thank you that you’ve engaged on our community to find answers to your questions. Since it’s been a while, I was wondering if you’re facing the same issue, or if there’s still something left we can help with :nerd_face:

We’d definitely love to!