Release date versus re-release date

Can some one explain to me please because its doing my head in,

For instance hot rats frank zappa got a refresh recently in quboz but there is three versions in there along with variants in my library which one is the most recent they all say 1969?

There are 2 dates , go to 3 dots > EDIT > EDIT ALBUM

you should see Original Release Date ie 1969 and Release Date in my case 2005 which is the release of that specific version

Looks like Tidal doesn’t show the second one , I can’t check Qobuz, flaky metadata from the streaming service not Roon …

I see three versions in Qobuz. There’s a 16/44 version, a 24/96 version, and a 24/192 version. Presumably the 16/44 is the original and the 24/192 is the most recent. Of course the 1969 date refers to the original vinyl release. According to Wikipedia, the 16/44 version was released in 1987 on Rykodisc. It’s likely the 24/96 version was released in 2009 and the 24/192 version was released in 2019 as part of a box set. FYI, there’s also a 1995 remix in 16/44 that is different from the 1987 release. It is said to be closer to the vinyl release and was remixed from FZ’s masters. It’s unclear which 16/44 version is in Qobuz.