Release RoPieee 2022.03


Time for another release!

Most wanted feature is “can we get the reinstall Roon Bridge option back?” :slight_smile:

The one that I’m the most happy with myself is the considerable time spent on giving some TLC to the display functionality. Since day 1 the display did not follow Roon properly when the queue is empty (at the end of a playlist for example or in the case of streaming a live radio station). This has now been taken care of, which means that the display follows Roon ‘now playing’ screen with respect to functionality.

Here’s the complete changelog:


  • IMPROV: show warning when no valid audio output is enabled
  • IMPROV: option to forcefully reinstall Roon Bridge
  • IMPROV: [display] follow Roon ‘Now Playing’ screen more accurately
  • FIX: [display] when a zone with volume ctrl comes back/up, it is not always displayed
  • FIX: scheduled reboot is now working again

Enjoy as always!

PS.: this is the last release without the accompanying XL release. “XL-NG” is almost done!

Regards Harry


Any plans on having the “update on reboot” soon-ish?

Harry, you were faster with your update than Roon with theirs… So there’ll be no need to reflash, and for that have many thanks!!


Harry, may I add a request to have the alarm clock config survive updates? Is the possible?

Yes I will. Added to the list for the next release.


Problem Roon bridge not showing up resolved with this update. All RPis back on Ropieee.

Hi Harry.
Could you please provide us the option to add some extra parameters on config.txt ?
In my case, I am using some Pimoroni On/Off switches for my Ropieee endpoints that needs some poweroff and shutdown dtoverlays.
In the first Ropieee that could be done via ssh, but now there is no way to do that anymore.
Thank you.

Hello Harry,
Another satisfied user who wants more!
I would love an option to choose different Now-Playing screen, one with maximum album art size. In fact, I have managed to butcher the Web-Controller extension to my desires. But now, I need a way to replace ropieee default with my extension. This will save me the trouble of flashing my own image.
Thank you for such meticulously executed product including documentation!

@spockfish Harry… could you, please, disable this pop-up on display only installs? :wink:

… or add a “Do not show again” option :slightly_smiling_face:


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It really does not make sense (even on display only installs) to disable USB audio.

In fact, I even considered removing that switch completely. It is a module, which is not even loaded when there’s no DAC plugged in.


ok, thanks: I’ll just enable USB Audio

Can we expect ssh access to be re-enabled anytime?

I use it to install a backlight adjustment service that uses a USB light sensor, leaving ropieee unchanged otherwise.

Looks solid otherwise.

That sounds interesting, do you have a link to that service?

Currently homebrew C++ code used with a Yocto-Light but can look at putting it somewhere public.

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