Release RoPieee 2022.05.1

Sorry for adding another issue to the list. Having got my Pi Zer2W sorted I upgraded my RPi3B and DigiAmp+ from the old-gen Ropieee to 2022.05.01. I’ve got it connected to the network great and can see it and change settings via ethernet and wireless (end use is wireless as no ethernet upstairs) but I can’t see it in Roon. Note this is not the same issue as above as I’m familiar with having to re-enable them, but Roon can’t even see it to be able to do that. Is there an issue with communicating with the IQAudio HAT that stops it being recognised by Roon as a valid output source and therefore stopping it from appearing on my Settings>Audio page? I can see an old-Gen Pi4 and my Pi Zero 2W but i can’t for the life of me get it to see the updated Pi3B.

Feedback if helpful… c0b2c63c78a2be15

I’m afraid you need to reflash.
There’s something wrong with a configuration file that prevents Roon Bridge from properly installing, resulting in no audio.


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Hi, just sent via PM

Reflashed with a freshly downloaded image to no avail. Can still see it fine on the webUI, but Roon can’t.


Hmmmm… that’s weird.

Your original issue is back, which means it’s not a faulty image or so.

Anyways, I put a rescue script in place. This requires 2 (!!) reboots.


  • reboot your unit
  • wait 5 minutes
  • send me feedback
  • reboot again
  • wait 5 minutes
  • now you should be able to setup your device in Roon
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That has indeed worked, many thanks. Here’s the feedback after the first reboot - 1f76b9ed880e37ac…

Should I hold off updating my other RPi3s for the time being?

No, no need. This fix will work on the other devices as well.


Where can I find a ropieee on disc to buy or an image to burn to disc (SD Card) for use in my Metrum Acoustics Ambre? I already use an older Metrum Acoustics issue of the Ropieee OS SD card, so I’m thinking of this as back-up, especially if it has been updated. Many thanks.

According to this review
you should be able to run an OS of your choice.
Why not try to download the last RoPieee version, burn it on a new sd card and see if it works?

Not sure you can. The commercial version of Ropieee is likely customsied for the specific hardware it’s on.

This seems to be a better solution

You can just flash ‘regular RoPieee’.

Keep in mind though that you loose ‘Roon Readiness’. This means (amongst others) no nice icon of the Ambre in Roon.

Yes, this is the better solution, bur I have already used it once. When I asked them for a possible backup, they said I should clone the one.I already have and keep the clone as a back up. The only issue I see with that concerns updates of the OS, since there seem to be none offered by Metrum Acoustics themselves, even though it appears the Ropieee Software and OS is regularly being updated.

Apologies for this but I am having the occasional “connection reset by peer” in HQP embedded - I posted this over on the HQP embedded forum HQPlayer Embedded thread - #1074 by Steve_Taylor1 and was advised to post a feedback here, so here it is: 011cdf89643357e6

Any help appreciated - thanks in advance

So… are you running 2 Roon Servers? Because the logs suggest that.
I also see some timeouts on at least of those.

So wrt HQP… is this HQP ‘standalone’ or via Roon?

If this is HQP standalone, is the server running on the same server as Roon?


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Thanks as ever for the help. 2 Roon servers is news to me!! You mean two Roon cores? I will check that. Clearly that could be the cause of major problems.

HQP is via Roon, not standalone – it is HQPlayer embedded running on the same server as the Roon core and played as an audio device in Roon.