Release RoPieee 2022.06.1


Yesterday’s release had a nasty regression in the wireless department.
This patch release fixes that.


  • FIX: WiFi configuration fails when network essid contains spaces
  • FIX: wait for WiFi device to settle before setting up connection
  • FIX: reboot dialog in web interface does not respond to click



Thanks Harry, as always.

Is there any current way to automate “Update all of your RoPieee devices” on demand, other than to wait for the scheduled reboot and update as set in the Advanced tab? No real issue loading every page and waiting for the update button to show up and click it, just a bit of laziness on my part. :rofl:


Hello Spockfish,

Thank you for your awesome work. I flashed my SD with this patch update and still couldn’t get the wifi to work still. I’m in no way rushing or complaining just letting you know :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to love this post about 15 times…I have a lot of pages to hit, especially when I put the NG builds in all my old 4019 units…most need a full physical strip down as they are inside chassis with other things like amps and dac boards with just ethernet and speaker terminals plus power to the external world. :joy:

Well you are Mr Fix It :wink:

I woke up this morning to two ropieees that disappeared from roon. They are connected via wifi and updated themselves to 2022.06.
A quick look on the forum led me to this thread, and I wired up the devices.
Now I have access to the devices again (and the devices to the network), but they do not pull the update to 2022.06.1, even after several reboots.
What can I do other than reflash?

Talking to myself, waiting fixed it for one of the two pies. The other one will probably follow…and hopefully sooner than later, because the cable to the router has a very low WAF. :wink:


WiFi is back, ok’ing reboot dialog working again as well.

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all fixed here.

Thank you.

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I think I eventually got all mine up to speed on the latest…took some time tho
Like updating bit showing up…just managed to screen shot that :sunglasses:

Finally all of them done.

This morning I updated my only Pi4b Rev.1 to 2022.06 (353). All went smooth and no WiFi problems whatsoever. I didn’t update yesterday thinking that I would have to move the Pi and connect it with Ethernet to the router… Today I was ready for this task, but thankfully no need to disconnect and move anything.

My Sabrent Wireless 802.11n USB 2.0 Adapter, Realtek chipset, stopped working with this release. I fished cat5, so I am good now. No rush. As always, thanks for all the work you do! John.

@spockfish My wifi connected RPi3b units seems to be OK on LAN but when I look at wifi there is no IP…when I reset and try to scan again screen dulls and nothing happens…a refresh in the browser brings back the normal level of brightness but no wifi is setup

happening on 2 different units both at 372…not 373 like one of the other RPi3B’s that is working even after a restart.

why are they all not pulling the same update version?

feedback 08517f75d6589470

before hitting scan

after hitting reset then scan

the working one is showing this

the failing in this

Grab 2022-06-28 at  00.08.11

The number between brackets is the specific build number. As XL and regular are distinct builds the number differ. However, the software (expect the XL software of course) is exactly the same.

So the unit that does not show wireless networks (the one you send me feedback of)… Did you plugged in the ethernet cable later? Or was it already on cable?

My 2 RPI4s are not pulling the update - both on WiFi. On 2022.05.1 (299).

to get the displays I just plug in the cable then can access… a restart gets no wifi connection, so unless a lan is connected they are dead in the water. these 2 I cant run ethernet permanently

normally ethernet and wifi coexist no issues and work interchangeably without any restarts once they are working normally…

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Hi @wizardofoz ,

Not sure if you saw my other post…

But is this a Pi 3 thing? Or these specific units (that happen to be PI 3’s)?

Secondly: could you reboot one of those units and send me a ‘fresh’ feedback?


I updated my pi 3 successfully yesterday and Wi-Fi is working fine, the update was done over Wi-Fi no Ethernet connected at any stage and the ropieee version is 0372

Updated to say that it is running the NON XL version

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They are all XL and all pi3b but the rev 1.2 seem to be broken, rev 1.3 hardware seems to be ok. But the flirc one has no no display or hats, the 2 failing ones have displays and one has an IQAudIO hat.

Can’t send feedback without the lan connected.

OK I am being thick …

I have installed XL latest version, I have set up my (old) Cambridge Audio CXN (V1) in the UPnP Bridge section

How do I play to the CXN now from Roon. Do I need to set anything else ?

Should I see the CXN as a RAAT zone ?

I see the CXN as an AirPlay device (as usual) what else should I see ?

(MyGica is my video streamer that also supports AirPlay).

Is it just a USB cable from the RPi to the CXN ?