Release RoPieee 2022.06.3

Not a stupid question, but no. You need to reflash as this is a new architecture.

Then my premonition was right :grinning: :+1:

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Thank you Harry for this update.
My 4 “RPI 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3” updated without any problem. 2 are wire connected, and 2 are updated over WiFi. No issues encountered.
Great work, Frank.

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I updated my two RPi4’s running RoPieeeXL with no issues.

I’m now testing my “away from home” unit running Roon core on my Dell laptop connected to my iPhone 13 Pro Max 5G hotspot. The RPi4 is connected by WIFI to my Dell hotspot which is just an extension of the iPhone hotspot. Output from the RPi4 is USB to Mojo 2 and Focal Clear headphones.

I’m not sure anyone else is running this setup, but it works great away from home when using different iDevices for hotspot data. There is no need to fool around in the RoPieee program changing WIFI settings, such as iPhone to iPad to iPad2, etc.

This works very well and avoids using USB out of my Dell to the Mojo 2 which proved to be very noisy at resolutions of 96 and 192. There are other ways to do this, of course.

Normally updating is a breeze, but not this time: Getting a “can’t connect to the server ropieee.local” message. Reloaded the page after waiting, and Ropieee is back up, but don’t seem to be updated, as my version is RoPieee 2022.06.2 (0397).

Re-flash coming up I guess.

7 updates no issues here. Will toast up a few spares tmro just to keep them updated

Just installed 2022.06.2 a few minutes ago on my Allo USBridge Signature (RPI 3B Compute), and now playback is plagued with lots of clicks and pops.It unusable. I wish I could revert to 2022.06.2 which worked fine.


I normally resample to DSD128 and turned that off in Roon, it’s not skipping when playing 44k 16 bit. It will not play MQA files without skipping. Playing 352.8k 24 bits there are ticks and warbles.

This feedback is while trying to play an MQA file. (Note that my dac does both unfolds so this is essentially a 44.1k 24 bit stream.)


Hi @Kevin_Kennedy ,

Sorry to hear that. I’ve got an idea what caused this and I’m preparing beta builds to verify.

Could you please switch to the beta channel (on the advanced tab) and let me know how it goes?


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Hi Harry,
Thank you for the update, I will switch to the beta channel and let you know what the outcome as soon as I know (working hours right now unfortunately.)

The beta FW is installing now. I should be able to test it this evening and provide an update on how it worked.

Hi Harry,
I have the pops as well. If I change the sampling rate in roon to lower values it will go.
It looks like buffer handling, saw in the netwok traffic to roopieee a not really consistend behavior…
my be I am wrong…
I switched to beta as well.
best bernd
PS: running not XL only pure roopieee 2022.06.3 (0433)

Hi Harry,
So far the beta seems to work correctly, currently playing DSD128. Thank you for making the beta available so quickly.


Ok, good to hear. I’ll create a patch release asap.

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Hi Harry,
Loving ropieee with roon, but have had a longstanding issue with the next generation and remote control (works perfectly under 4.017, failing under 2022.06.3 (0450) and earlier).

I’m unable to control volume/play/pause with my remote on a grouped zone.
Logging seems to indicate the name of the grouped zone has " + 2" appended (as there are 3 endpoints in the zone) but that breaks the grab remote lookup, and the web configuration ui won’t allow the suffix. Can provide the logs if that helps.

Otherwise the beta was smooth sailing.

Thanks for the report, I’ll look into this asap.

Hi, I have - as always - no problems after the update.
2 x RaspberryPi4 :slight_smile:
Thanks for your wonderful work!

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Hi Harry,
Just wanted to let you know that the beta has worked perfectly over two listening sessions playing a variety of different formats. I think the issue is resolved. Again many thanks for addressing this so quickly. I understand that you have other things to do. :smiley:

Best, Kevin

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Haha! no worries. A regression is always unpleasant, so I’ll do my best to address this asap.
I’m going to push out a 2022.06.4, probably today, until then you can remain on the beta.


Hi Harry,
I will switch back to the stable channel when you release 2022.03.4.

Music keeps me sane in my daily routine of working long hours mostly remote, going nowhere, streaming audio and video. Other than walks I haven’t gone far afield in recent times. :smiley:

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