Release RoPieee 2023.11 Usbridge - build 1188

Hi Usbridge users,

As some of you noticed there has slipped a regression in the 2023.11 release.
This update, which will show up on your units in the coming hours, fixes that regression.



An up date popped up but says (1177)

You first need to accept that one.

Makes sense. Thanks.

thank you @spockfish for continuing support for our USBridges !

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Hi Harry (@spockfish),

intrigged by the AX88179/178A driver status, i did some digging and discovered:

I tested that both driver versions compile successfully with Linux kernel 6.1.21-v8+ (included with RPi OS bullseye), 6.1.62 & 6.1.69. There were a few warnings (var type missmatches) during compilation, so i don’t know if the driver really works or not as i don’t have the HW to test. ASIX USB NIC Linux driver version 3.0 was compiled out of the kernel tree, using a modifiied version of the Makefile they provided.

Hi Harry,

Did anybody else running ropieee on USBridge Signature complained of any artifacts in the sound while playing music?

Mine started doing some pops after the last two updates and managed to have it fixed by running another OS on the board…so i assume it has something to do with ropieee’s latest builds?

The pops appear whenever there’s music that plays through the usb output of the board, no matter the source. (roon, upnp, spotify connect)

Thanks for supporting this awesome piece of software!

There was, but I fixed it with the latest update.
I’m running an Usbridge myself, so everything is fine now.


Indeed the problem is not that obvious and doesn’t appear so often running build 2023.11 (1176) [stable] but for my board its still present and very noticeable while playing :frowning:

was able to hear pops over both roon and spotify again -.-’

But what I said: in the last release that has been fixed. And you are not running the latest.

when i first tried build 1188 it resulted in a bootloop on the first attempt on a fresh written card, i’ll retry that one and see what happens, thanks again for the effort! :slight_smile: