Release Version Issue via Roon Radio

I’ve seen this twice today - Roon radio is playing a track from Qobuz. I like the track, so I check to see if the album is in my library. Clicking on ‘versions’ shows 2 versions. One is in my library already and appears identical to the version playing, but there’s no indication that the track is actually playing from this version. The other version is a Tidal version that is not in my library. So - 2 versions, one each from Tidal and Qobuz. The Qobuz version (the one that is playing) is already in my library, but the track playing is from some ‘other’ mystery version that lives somewhere else? Why isn’t the track in my library showing as playing?

Not a big deal, but puzzling behavior. Any insights? Anyone else ever see this?


Just happened again, got a couple of screen shots this time.

Only 2 versions of the album, Qobuz and Tidal. The Qobuz version is in my library, but the (+) to add to the library is visible.

Track 2 is playing, but there’s no ‘playing now’ indicator on this version of the album.