Released Before Recorded

I find it hard to believe that this album was released before it was recorded. You might want to fix this and then write a program to check your metadata for similar mistakes.

You can correct this in the Album Editor - just in case you didn’t know…

If knew what the right values were.

My understanding is that me making such a change doesn’t provide the correct information back to Roon for them to consider incorporating as an update/correction, or am I wrong about that?

Which begs the reverse question. When Roon updates/fixes information like this, how does it get updated into the data being held on my ROCK and/or into my music files metadata?

Hi @Lloyd_Borrett. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. There was a bad equivalence at our end (Rarities edition vs. original) which I’ve corrected with an edit. This could take up to a week to be pulled into your library. Please let us know if the inconsistency is still there in a week’s time (I’m not sure if you’ll have all four date fields though).

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Now three weeks later and its not been updated in my library.