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When searching roon for a song on TIDAL it seems that there is little consideration for the relevancy of results. It feels like using old Ask Jeeves search instead of google. If you are looking for an example search for the track “Impossible” if you do it in TIDAL (or Audirvana) the second result is the song by Shontelle (the one I happened to be looking for) on Roon it’s not even on the first page! Honestly I just spent an hour looking for an alternative to Roon for streaming TIDAL MQA to a raspberry pi because of this. It’s so frustrating to have to go to TIDAL, search for something to get how to spell the artist, the name of the album etc, then go back to Roon and type in all the information just to play a song! I know it’s possible because Audirvana figured it out.

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You should have searched for shontelle impossible then! Audirvana must have the mindreader module enabled! :wink:

That’s not the point. It’s flawed. Tidal, Audiervna, iTunes all can figure it out. I didn’t know the name of the artist at the time I just knew it started with an S and I knew what the cover art looked like. Roon should modernize their search. Just like if I search Apple on google I don’t get results about apples because most people aren’t looking for apples they are looking for Apple Inc.

Exactly. Roon’s search engine is VERY antiquated and apparently doesn’t support “fuzzy” search, at all; e.g., if you miss even one letter in a performer’s / composer’s name, you simply get no results, rather than a list of suggested results that are “close”.

I love Roon, and use it every day, but search is one of the weakest features, for sure.

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Agreed. I usually find myself going to Allmusic (or Google) if I’m searching for anything except an artist where I’m confident of the correct spelling. I would be surprised if an overhaul to Roon’s search was’t on the roadmap.

Yes it is very unforgiving when it comes to typos or close matches. I recently searched for Dave Lee Roth expecting to find his solo albums but nothing came back, not even all the Van Halen albums in the library. David Lee Roth works fine though…

+1 on this, Roon is not good at all in this area.

Absolutely agree. At the moment it really isn’t that great.

I agree, the search function when attempting to find tracks on Tidal is terrible.

For example, try searching for ‘good vibrations’ by The Beach Boys and the track shows up as number 40 in the list. Search for ‘fire and rain’ by James Taylor and I get nothing at all. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

This is pretty frustrating and disappointing for an application that costs as much as it does. Wish I’d discovered this during the trail.

I like the rest of the app but a decent search function is important to me. It should be as good as spotify/tidal’s function in my opinion.

We had some folk around and after dinner the phone was passed around for people to search up and play a track with an objective for the others to correctly identify the name and artist.
The performance of Roon search and our friends music knowledge was lamentable. Come on Roonies you can improve on the former.