Reload DB without asking

I turned on roon this morning and two thirds of my albums were missing, I noticed it was doing an import. After a while all my music was back but Ive now lost the use of “Date Added” as everything now has today as the date added. Any ideas why it would drop and reimport everything ?

Without more specifics about your setup, the situation you describe could be caused if Roon lost connection to the watched folder and when the connection restored it sensed it as “different” and thus triggered an import. But, if you give some more info maybe we can be more specific.

How is your music stored (local or network)? If network, waht are your files stored on and how are they connected to the network?

My files are on nas with a fized ip and roon server is a separate pc again with a fized ip. in the last week ive had a couple of power outages and roon never misbehaved then and the nas and the pc run 24/7

sorry about the misspelling with the z the key nezt to z is broken :slight_smile: