Relocating Roon core to machine without backup

Roon Core Machine

Dell laptop running Roon core on Windows 10.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Not applicable

Connected Audio Devices

Not applicable

Number of Tracks in Library

roughly 5500 tracks

Description of Issue

My old PC (Dell laptop had my Roon core with playlist etc.

I stupidly installed Roon core to a new Macbook Pro laptop, but I did not create a backup from old Roon core. I had naive hope that some data like playlist are in the cloud or attached to my account.
I have all data from old laptop which is located C:\USERS\USERNAME\AppData\Local

Is it possible to restore (at least Roon playlists) from the \AppData\Local dataset?

Don’t think so, but why not fire up the old core, authorize it, pull a database backup, then authorize your new core and restore from that backup?

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I tried to do that , but since I logged in my Roon account from new laptop, my old Roon logged me out and was not able to do the back up.

You should be able to de-authorize you Mac Core and log back into your Windows Core. I have done that numerouse times, and moved backups between them, before I settled on staying for the Mac for now.


You need to unauthorize your new core on starting up your old one to pull a backup.
You really should have consulted Roon’s knowledge base before going ahead, but not all is lost - have a read here

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You can have multiple Roon cores on multiple computer devices. You can switch back and forth at will. Simply have both running, then deactivate one and activate the other.

Roon - Settings - General - Disconnect (top right corner)


Thanks, I try that

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@Jim_F is correct. You can have multiple Roon Cores. But only 1 can be active at any given time.

Hey @Kaspar_Reili,

Ben with the support team here, I wanted to check in on this thread to see if you were able to grab a backup from your old core? Our community experts have provided the correct information on how to do so (thanks everyone!) let me know if you have any additional questions, and if you’re still running into hiccups :+1:

Thank you all, all sorted. I was able to create backup from old pc and restore it on new laptop. All good.


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