Remastered Peter, Paul and Mary Anthology

Roon suggested this to me today:

I’m impressed by the remastering (compared to some dreadful old recordings) but can’t find anything at all about this release online, nor about the reported label (Master Tape Records). I suspect I’m missing something really obvious but if so could some kind soul point me in the right direction? Thanks :blush:

Well, that took me back. I managed to find and play Puff (The Magic Dragon) for SWMBO, in MQA even. That was a nice quality recording too. Straight back to 1963.


Yeah, me too - I grew up in a house with open reel recordings of some of their gigs - I wish they’d survived the years.

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Odd, I cannot find this album on Tidal.

I scoured the internet for it and can’t find it anywhere.

I was 8 when my mother brought home PP&M’s first album:RoonShareImage-637405889331697920

…and I still have vivid memories of the disk spinning on my father’a Rek O Kut turntable, with a Dynakit amp and AR speakers.

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Use peter,paul,mary anthology as search term in Tidal.

Tried the search as you suggested in Tidal yet I still couldn’t find it. Tried a Google search and found it on Tidal but when Tidal asked me to log in it disappeared. Weird!

I’m in the UK and it was the last album in their main album section in Roon. I had no idea they had made so many albums…

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I see you’re in the US. That probably explains it.

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