Remember device settings

A few requests about devices…

  1. Remember the settings for it. I have an S2 digital and every time I use it I have to go back and set it to exclusive mode etc. Is it likely that I want the settings to be different each time?
  2. Preferably remember them for my environment. I use the S2 via usb. So I plug it into several laptops. I have to do the settings for each machine, each time. Can we store the device ID and settings on the core so if I plug it into another machine it has the same settings?
  3. if I am using a USB device and plug it in, is it fair to enable it by default? Trying to decide if there’s a time when I plug it in and don’t want to use it.

Any thoughts from others? These are probably specific to USB as other devices tend to stay on.

Cheers - thanks for the feedback. I only have the S2 as a USB device.

That’s only true if you use them on the same device on the same usb port. I have five usb dacs and they all have to be configured again when plugging into a different device or different usb port. Once they are all configered Roon will remember them but it defenitly does not remember setting per device id.

Thanks for that. Explains what I am seeing. I have 1 device and 2 laptops. The one is a new MacBook Pro so I plug it in via an adaptor based on whichever side is more convenient for power for the laptop. Explains why it didn’t keep settings. Guess I need to plug it into all ports of all machines and configure it :slight_smile:

Provided Roon are able to uniquely identify a device regardless of sessions, it would be great if it stored these preferences on the core machine. Guess there are actually a fair few settings that should be common across machines.

The combination of machine/usb is considered as a unique endpoint. So, to Roon, the S2 plugged into laptop A is a different than the S2 plugged into laptop B.

Thanks - is that down to the Roon implementation, or is there no way to uniquely identify the device?

Well, the devs can pipe in with more specifics, but, I am assuming that it is implementation. And at a fundamental level since it is relying on audio connection information reported by the OS.

DACs do not have unqiue identifiers that are enforced industry wide, like with MAC addresses.

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Thanks for the insight. Useful to know. Guess we can close the thread off then.