Remember grouped zone settings

Hi Roon

I would love if Roon were able to remember grouped zone settings.

So if a particular group of zones had auto volume leveling, then this would be remembered the next time I went from a single zone to this same group of zones.


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Iā€™d love to see this. I usually forget that volume leveling gets switched off in these situations, only to be blown away by loud music when I start playback. :hear_no_evil:

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Yep :scream:

I would love to see this feature as well and, even better, just make saved zones. I switch zones around a ton and having to go back and add volume leveling every time is a pain and a danger to my speakers when I forget to pause or turn down first. Why not just make permanent groups that can be selected independently, with no need to go through the grouping process each time? Seems simple enough.

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:woman_zombie: Bringing this back from the dead! :zombie:

Would be great if it was easier to switch between a zone-group or a single zone without losing the zone-group settings!

Maybe they can exist side by side in perfect harmony.


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