Remember My Sort Preference

While I am more than happy if for Artists it always defaults to Sort by Name when Roon is launched, it would be great for Albums if my Sort preference, which is to Sort by Album Title was retained after quitting and then re launching Roon.

As it is, when I relaunch it returns to the default of Sort by Artist.

I could even live with that except when in Album view and if set to Sort by Artist then any set of keystrokes take me to results based on artists not album.

Example, I am viewing albums, I want to find Concierto by Jim Hall.

In album view, sort by Artist, “CO” takes me to Col Bruce Hampton.

In album view, Sort by Album Title, “CO” takes me to Albums whose name starts with “CO”.

Ok, beating a dead horse. Would be nice if the user selected Sort option for Album/Artist was retained after quiting Roon.

Not a life or death issue though.

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Hi try typing **/**concierto
Does that help?

Perfect way to find the album. Thanks, forgot about that.

I will ponder my request a bit more, over time I can easily adapt to this different paradigm.

After all it would be a shame to make this software work like every software package that came before it.

No, you’re right. We shouldn’t have to work that hard.

I would go further: Roon should eliminate the concept of shutting down and relaunching the app. My Roon life should behave like one long session. The concept of shutting down an app is a technical artifact, driven my limitations of memory and battery and other uninteresting details. Roon should always record the current view I’m in, so that restarting can always bring me back to the same place, even after an inadvertent shutdown (crash, battery died, full moon).


@AndersVinberg - Anders, I have to admit you have a very refreshing manner of looking at things. I never thought about it that way before, but you correct, shutdowns are in fact an artifact. I concur that session state should be retained.

Much like in Safari ( for lack of a better example ) where after you quit, if you relaunch it remembers all the windows you had open and the sites you were logged into.

Yeah, I once wrote a macro that remembered the place in a document where I was, and another macro that brought me back to that place when I opened the document. Was in the 80s. Microsoft Office just implemented something like that for Word and PowerPoint :slight_smile:

Lord, in the 80s I was running a Mac BBS, Mass Mac & Electric on an IBM PC XT under DOS 3.1 using MultiLink to multi task such that I could run two concurrent sessions with dual Hayes 1200bps and then 2400bps modems. One day we made the great leap to USRobotic 9600bps modems.

Nice green monochrome monitor for that system. Those were fun times. Equally fun were those days at Lotus when we were “experimenting” with Video and Phone Notes. I remember running 10Base-T office to office for video conferencing.

Given all that I guess preserving state shouldn’t be epic in nature.

@AndersVinberg’s suggestion was started in build 29. It’s not perfect, but it’ll get better.

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Hi @danny,

I understand that remembering sort order is already a feature. But, for instance, when sorting my playlist on play count, it is reset whenever I return to this list. Also when I bookmark a correctly sorted list, the sort does not seem to be remembered when selecting the bookmark. Would be nice if this would be supported in a future release.


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Really? I don’t see this. If I select Artist -> View All Albums, the sort order is always “Sort by Artist” no matter what I had selected before, even within the same Roon session.

I would appreciate remembering sort order.

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Hi all,

Already an old issue it still occurs in my iPad/Windows desktop app with the very latest app/ROCK versions. When I sort my bookmarked playlist on “Plays” and then close/reopen the app , the sort is reset to “Album artist”. This even occurs when I save a new bookmark from the correctly sorted list. Anyone else experiencing this also?

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