Remembering Locations While Browsing & Listening

When I apply a filter, or access a bookmark, etc, sometimes I end up with a group of, say, 200 albums. Then I will often scroll through them. Then, select an album to listen to, then wish to return to the location where I just was in the browse window, but Roon always takes me back to the beginning of the group. Why not remember I am already 40% through the group and take me back to where I left off?

In the sense that the above comment is desiring more ‘analogue’ to my ‘digital’ experience, I would love to be able to create stacks. Basically, can you check out Lightroom and use some of their organizational approaches??? There is something about relying on tags and such that doesn’t work for my brain as well as being able to stack or otherwise move around albums. Its like when I look at my LPs on their shelves. For me, I would end up using a combo of stacks and tags, and then if you can remember where I left off, have a much better feeling of ‘knowing’ my collection than I do now. I know this is a fundamental problem of organization of collections in the digital realm and maybe I just need to adjust, though its a fight against millions of years of evolution…

Similarly, it would be AMAZING if there was memory for where you left off with a song or album. Perhaps that creates a clog in processing / memory, if you are adding this information to every album/song you play, but is this a complicated feature to request?