Remind me how to upgrade please!

I may simply be losing my marbles, but I can’t find an option to upgrade to 2022.06 anywhere!

As you can see, I’ve rebooted the second Pi this morning and that didn’t seem to know there was an update.

Its been a while since I’ve even looked at the Ropieee interface so if I’m doing something daft please delight in pointing it out to me!


The only way is to start from scratch, download the image and reflash your microSD card

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For the new version of Ropieee, you need to reflash your SDcard with either the Pi3 or Pi4 image.

Once you’re on the new build, upgrades can be downloaded as before, so you only need to re-flash once.


Oh blimey - haven’t done that for years!

I shall park it and look into it later - thanks both!