Remix Mini as a Wi-Fi endpoint

Andybob wrote “Raspberry Pi 3 has built in Wi-Fi.”

But this does not seem like something a non computer expert can use.

To get the same functionality as an airport express it seems have to by a Pi3 and a DAC board and a case and an SDD. Find a USB monitor ( which I do not have) find a SDD card writer which I do not have burn something called raspian to the sdd run many arcane commands that make no sense to me and I can’t even find simple instructions.

I need something much more plug and play than this. Is there nothing simpler available that I can hook up to my active speakers?

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I don’t know of any turnkey wi-fi endpoints until the Auralic Aries, which is obviously well outside the price point. I think that at a price point of $100 you will be looking at a hobbyist solution.

I’m not sure what plans Sonore or IQAudiO have for wi-fi support, but they are both well regarded Ethernet solutions and may be looking at wi-fi.

I understand people have installed Android Roon on a Remix Mini, which has Wi-Fii, and used it as a Remote. An Android version of RoonBridge would be ideal for such a device.

I have that little device. It can serve as an endpoint? The awesome!

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Daniel (@rugby) got some sound from it using Android Roon in this thread. Brian has since said that there will be an Android RoonBridge at some point.

Yes, it can run Roon 1.2 and I can control it from another Roon. Playing America “A Horse with no name” from it now. I’m testing how well it handles being on and waiting…

I can’t. Doesn’t recognize the dragonfly dac. But macmini is OK. Too keep a long story short: Roon has to focus!! Linux is for coffeemachines :banana:

Well, to be specific I am using the Remix as the DAC and putting its Audio out into a powered speaker system. Works great.

digital sound out is hdmi. If I am right. Earphone out to poweramp/passive speakers did not have good sound quality.

I guess that depends on your standards and the use case. For me, this was to be a little wifi endpoint feeding a boombox in the garage, not as a main endpoint for serious audio. And for that use it was great as I was not expecting tremendous audio.

But, yes the digital out is via the HDMI and I guess if I wanted I could put the HDMI out through one of those HDMI audio strippers and feed it into a Optical In or S/PDIF; but I have not looked into or tested that out at all.