Remix of tracks not indicated in titles

Why is it that when there are remixed versions of a song, Roon just displays the original track name?

If Roon does not “identify” the album, then the remix title is displayed for each track. But for albums which are identified by Roon, it just shows the un-remixed titles.

Here is an example. This is a remix album, but I don’t know who remixed each track.

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Simply the AllMusic or MusicBrainz metadata source does not contain that information. Roon simply relay what it finds .

These metadata sources are what we pay for with Roon. They are often not 100% but nothing is !!

If you can find extra data you can edit them

We do have a plan to sort this out, but no timelines I’m afraid.


In this instance, as you have the data prior to Roon identifying the album, you could change the metadata preference for ‘Track’s title’ to ‘Prefer file’.

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Yes, this solves the problem!

A very small gripe to otherwise amazing product


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Bummer. This really makes me rethink my intention to switch from Squeezebox/Logitech Media Server to Roon. I’m not looking forward to edit all my hundreds of CD singles again in Roon to show my meticulously added tags from my local files/library. :cry:
I was under the impression that Roon should make life easier, not add more tagging problems…

If you’ve already added the data to your files you can probably set Roon to read/use that data as I described above.

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I’ve changed the default settings for “track title” import, but that doesn’t help with TIDAL tracks, unfortunately.


No, this sadly only works with local tracks… and I rarely buy music anymore so this is still a big issue, and I’m constantly editing tracks in Roon still. :frowning:

Hi @Henrik_Richter_Schie ,

Look at this post:

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Finally! This is great news :smiley: Thanks for the link.

Any updates on a potential fix for this? All the data is correct in TIDAL, but remixes are still not showing up correctly in Roon. I might need to rethink my software usage, as remixes play a heavy part of my regular listening.


Could we get an update about this, please, @joel ? This really needs to be sorted. It’s not acceptable. I’m sick of having having to look at Qobuz to see what remix i’m listening too.


Looks like this has been fixed. Anyone else seeing this?

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Yes saw it today!

So I can disable “Prefer file” in “Track’s title” now?

I reckon so.

Strange this hasn’t been mentioned in the release notes. I think it’s quite a big improvement. (and probably quite a lot of work on the database structure)

Unfortunately there are still issues in displaying complete track titles (so including extra info like remixes, edit versions etc.) I found out the information disappears after a Tidal album is added to the library. Here is an example:

After adding to library:

I think I found why there were still issues when adding Tidal albums: my metadata was still on “prefer file” instead of “prefer Roon”.