Remixer - under "Performer" or "Production"?

Hi all,

Under which tag should a remixer fall? For instance, Shep Pettibone or Jellybena to name a couple.

Currently I have these together with the producer under production but I see that Roon has a tendency to put a remixer under Performer instead.

What is correct? Or perhaps this comes down to personal taste?

Many thanks!

Hi @Henkemannen,

This should be Production, not Performer. Can you share some screenshots of examples of albums where you see this?


For example.


Whitney Houston

It is not only these two. A lot of other Remixers are listed in the Performers section.
It is difficult for me to correct each one.

Hi @currycooqoo,

Thanks for the additional information and examples here. I have passed these examples on to our team for further investigation. I’ll be sure to follow up with you once I have more information here.