Remonte not working with specific Wi-Fi access point


my 2 roon remotes (oneplus6 and oneplus6T, android) can’t connect to the core (wired W10, tried with FW off and on).
I tried to ping the PC: it’s working.

I installed another access point and it worked fine until the access point died at some point.
What can I do to make those remotes working again with my modem/router (proximus bbox3)?

Update: I tried to type as core IP address in remote “help” feature and it works.
@nuwriy as you already are investigating on similar issues maybe this could help.
Depending the access point used, it works or not.

Hello @valentin_pierart and thanks for the testing! I’m glad things are working for you now. We have noticed an issue with Android 10 remotes connecting and are working towards a resolution. In the meantime, using that IP seems to resolve the issue.

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