Remore core 1.7

My iPad wo t update remote core 1.7. It just keeps spinning. I can’t listen to music.

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Hi @Richard_DeHonnry,

Does it look like it’s trying to update but isn’t completing, or is the update just not showing yet for the iPad?

If it’s trying to update but can’t, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

If you’re not seeing the update at all it should be available soon.

I hate your customer service. Now that I’ve downloaded 1.7 nothing will play in Tidal. Why can’t I talk to someone ? This is very frustrating.

Hello I can’t listen to music

Hi @Richard_DeHonnry,

We do not offer phone support but we would be more than happy to assist you right here on the Community website.

When we resolve issues on Community, it ensures that our entire team has access to the discussion and can weigh in as needed.

This means that not only can our support team contribute, but so can our QA team, developers, and senior staff.

Can you provide some more information regarding the issue?

  • Do you see any error messages appear?
  • Does this behavior occur for all types of TIDAL content (including high-resolution and redbook)?
  • Have you tried rebooting your Core yet?
  • Does logging out an back into TIDAL help?


I get into Tidal, hit play and nothing happens

I rebooted my core and it works. Thanks.

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Hi @Richard_DeHonnry,

Glad to hear that rebooting the Core resolved the issue. If you have any other problems do feel free to reach out again, thanks!

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