Remote access disruption to Roon

Roon is installed on my ZENITH MK3 server.

From time-to-time, I cannot gain access to Roon through my iPhone or PC.

When I can’t gain access, my internet signal strength is strong.


Hi @Greg_Shark,

How does your network setup look like? Can you let me know the model/manufacturer of your networking gear and how the Core/Remotes are connected to the network? Are they connected to the primary router or through an access point? Wireless or Wired?

Roon is installed on my ZENith Mk3 server which is ethernet hard wired to my D-Link dir-868la1 ac 8265 router.

Hi @Greg_Shark,

If you connect your PC via Ethernet is the behavior the same?
Can you confirm if you have “Multicast Routing” turned on on your router? I

My router and modem are over 5 years old and the router does not have “Multicast Routing” capabilities. I suspect I need to upgrade both.

Hi @Greg_Shark,

If the router is older and has a poor multicast implementation it is possible that it’s time to upgrade.

One simpler test that we can do here before replacing the router though is determining if this behavior occurs on another Core or if it is specific to the Zenith Core.

If you by any chance have a PC around the house which you can temporarily host the Roon Core on and connect it in the same way as the Zenith, it would be interesting to know if the same behavior occurs there as well.

If it does - it would point further towards the networking side of things but if the behavior doesn’t it would point to a Core-specific issue.

Would you be able to check for this behavior on another PC?

It may be a challenge for me (not so tech savvy) to know how to host the Roon Core on and connect it to a PC in the same way as the Zenith – my stereo tech hooked the Zenith up for me.
The frequency of the disruption is sporadic and lasts only a minute, which might not allow me sufficient time to test a PC with Roon Core connected. BTW, I noticed that a “Loading error” is sometimes received when the music stops. Greg

Hi @Greg_Shark,

What is the model/manufacturer of your networking gear? Perhaps there are some settings you can enable to help in that way, we have a few routers documented on our Networking Best Practices Guide in the routers section on the bottom.

Below are networking gear details:

Occasionally, I have the same problem on my iPad.
Usually, closing some iOS apps and restarting Roon Remote clears it up.

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Thanks Slim…I’ll give it a try!

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Hello @Greg_Shark,

Thanks for the network setup details. I would also second the suggestion of trying to reboot the app.

I also see that you have both a router and an access point set up. Do you only experience this behavior when the iPad is connection to one of them in particular?

Both of my routers are hard wired via ethernet Cat.V cable, so I doubt that I would experience any different behavior between the main and access point router. But, I will monitor this when a disruption to Roon occurs. Greg

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