Remote Access to Roon

Sorry, first post - be gentle. I’ve tried searching and results seem fairly old (Feb’20).

So, I have a QNAP QuTSh 886. This is running Roon Core. I have Linn Klimax & Linn Sneaky plus a Naim Muso for kitchen. Using MinimServer successfully previously but thought I’d trial Roon.

So, everything works perfectly - all devices are seen (I like the Lyrics playing out on an LG Display via Chromecast, clever !). Some great features of course and neat abilities.

I can play all to my iPhone - same for partner.

However, neither of us can get to Roon via 4G or working remotely on the fly and would want to be able to access library/playlists etc. in a simple fashion i.e. just as easy as it is now at home.

Router is Draytek Vigor 2927 and all streamers attached via fixed Ethernet cabling (1GbE) to Ubiquiti swiches and to Ubiquiti WiFi6 for control points such as iPhone, iPad. Unfortunately, router is via Virgin Media so no fixed IP (but can sort ddns later).

So, as I say, all works great - until I leave the house. How can Roon be accessed (I tried opening ports 9003u and 9100-9220t to no avail). Used a VPN and that worked except very choppy - would lose Roon, playback/stutter etc. The VPN was solid via diagnostics but 4G isn’t great here (of course, this is for elsewhere).

Is there (a) anything I’ve not tried (b) plans to make this easier (c) ability to do so now ?? This seems a bit of a “hole” in the provision from Roon ?

Thx, Mike
PS can provide any level of detail if you need it - this is a summary of course.

How, if at all possible,

At present this is not supported by Roon, however, see this post …

For now, some users have achieved this by using VPN’s which are discussed in the #tinkering section of this site.

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Thanks Carl, great to read - although I slipped back to 2015 and, like others, am on 14 day trial and quite surprised by inability to run it remotely now. However, I can fully understand the issues involved. Might want to look at WebRTC as designed for this sort of thing, low latency etc. and doesn’t need any changes to user firewalls nor VPN’s etc. It’s how Ubiquiti CCTV/Protect works and dynamically changes based on link speed (ie native connection at home -v- this when remote).