Remote app behavior

Strange behavior when making playlist using the remote app on an Apple iPhone 14 PRO🤔

Earlyear this was NOT an issue at all. Well now to the actual “bug”: After making the raw playlist and trying to relocate the order of the different songs/melodies, picking one or another and try to move up or down in the list, the app crashes immediately😳this without any text or something that is easy to make a screenshot of, it only shuts off. It’s not a problem when using the ARC app or the MacBook Air. This is only something in the ROON Apple App (nothing that is a big problem only a new “behavior”)

Thanks! for the opportunity to test such a great music streaming tuning system :saluting_face:

I salute you all braining the possibilities❣️

Hi @Tank,

Thank you for the report and my apologies for the delay. Are you still experiencing this issue on your iPhone 14 Pro?

We have been tracking some crashes in Roon with iOS devices - the team will investigate diagnostics for your specific case and follow up once we’ve concluded if it’s a related or new issue.

In the meantime, please let us know an approximate timestamp or the title of a track that was playing if Roon Remote crashes on your iPhone again. Thank you!