Remote apps are no longer able to connect to Core

Core Machine

Linux on Intel NUC dedicated soley to the Roon Core. RAM 32gb, 4 quad core cpus 17

Network Details

2 ASUS routers. One the cable modem and the other for the LAN

Audio Devices

I use two BlueSound 2is connected to Bryson amps, 2 rooms

Description of Issue

All of a sudden the roon remotes (2 android tablets and one iphone) stopped connecting to the core. They never requiresd a log in before as standard operating procedure. Triued to start it today and each either crashed or required a “login”. However when I log in I eventually receive an error message stating that I am already logged in by virtue of the Core and to hit the Go Back button. Following that instruction the Core does indeed show in the “go Back” scenario where the screen has a blue button to "connect " to the Core. However when the user tries to connect, it takes the user right back to the log in page in an endless loop.

The only change from equilibrium is that I added the roon app to my Iphone which was a recent gift. I noticed that after I installed the iPhone version… the system did hang a couple of times. I did not make much of it except that I stopped using the iPhone Roon Remote as a result… Now nothing works.

Please help.


If at some point in the process there is an option to “unauthorise” the core - just do it. Does not harm.

Sorry for the trouble here, @Wayne_Weddington!

There should be an option for Unauthorize here — If you click this things should work as expected for you.


I intentionally avoided the unauthorize for fear of creating further problems. But on your sage advice i shall try it. I assume it will work. In the meantime, would you mind (when you have nothing else to do) explaining why this happened specifically. I would like to understand.

The solution worked faster than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

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Thank you.

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