Remote arrrived! Ready for testing ;)

Hey spockfish,

so finally after being afraid that it might never arrive, cause it took more then two weeks on the post way from uk to germany, the remote is here and ready for testing. So if you need some help just let me know!

Great work! Keep on coding and we all enjoy listening with your insane product!

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I’ve got mine connected too :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it already work? Have not connected it cause he didnt mention that it is released.

… remote? which remote? :hushed:
and… why no one told me about it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I saw a pointer on the screen briefly between versions that had it and then didnt but its coming soon I think Harry noted

I’ve got my OSMC remote too (ordered at rasppishop in DE, delivery time 2 days). I am interested in basic operations like volume control, start, stop, skip. So, now I’m curious.

My touch display is dead so this will be a big save for me…plus it’s a bit out of my reach so the remote I hope will make things better too.