Remote Cant Find Core[Fixed]

Has been working beautifully since October. Now my iphone nor my macbook pro can find roon core.
I have my core on a Qnap TVS-471. The core is on a Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB. No fire wall is on.
Qnap is connected via ethernet to a Trendnet wifi router. I can connect to my Qnap via wifi from my macbook no problem but Roon cant find core.
In the app center of the Qnap my version of Roon is 1.0.2 There is no way to update it. If I click on open there is just a blank page with Roon and version and date installed.
Please help. I love using Roon.

Hey @thomas_perilstein – can you grab us some logs from your RoonServer folder? Instructions are here.

I’m sure we can figure this out – thanks!

Here is a link to the logs on One Drive.!AkgnLnW_CGn8gQZpaNmRXuVOTp2w
Hope this is what you wanted.

Hi @thomas_perilstein ----- Thank you for the follow up! Confirming that the logs have been received and are in our queue to be evaluated by a member of our tech staff.

Your patience is very appreciated!

Thanks for looking into it for me.

Hi Thomas,
Only QNAP apps that are listed in a repository offer (automatic) updates. This is currently not the case for the RoonServer app yet (even though I am trying to get it listed in the QNAP App Store in the future).
Having said that, you could manually try to update to the most recent qpkg from February this year. Simply uninstall your current RoonServer installation in the QNAP App Center and install the latest version from my webpage.
Your database won’t be touched by this process and should be picked up by the new installed RoonServer.

Downloaded the upadted roon and can connect with the core now but I am getting message:
Unexpected error loading album. Please try again later (Not available)
Next move?

Can you open your Roon storage settings and check if your storage locations are all valid (and without any error info)?
You could also try to force a rescan on your storage locations by selecting this option when clicking on the 3-dots-icon on the right side next to your storage entries.
Does this message appear on every album?

PS: Sorry for the mangled sentence in my previous post. I just noticed it and corrected my weird “sentence construction”.

I will give it a try.
No albums appear. I get that message as soon as room remote comes up on my iphone and mac book.

No error message on storage settings. They are just as before.
When i hit rescan the scanning icon pops up for about 2 seconds and goes away

tried deleting my roon controler from my iphone and downloading again but get same message

Does the storage settings page show how many Tracks are imported on each storage location?
Does this error also appear when you click on the “Overview” button and select an album from there?

on my drop down i get the regular discover, library artists list etc. Click artist and all i get it a grey square in the middle of the page with a button at top to play all but doesnt work, the focus button, heart and tag. Artist then all O under it.
On the storage page I have Folder then the blurb about how roon will monitor folders.
Then shows my file path and says watching for new files in real time.
A button for Add Folder
Then the 3 dots which have force rescan, disable, edit and remove.
Not seeing an Overview button unless you are talking about the three horizontal lines top left of page which is what I meant by the drop down at beginning of paragraph.

Sorry, just found overview.
Everything, ie album , tracks etc has a 0 under it.

Please open the storage settings again.
What Path is shown at your storage folder?

In my example below it is Roon > QNAP TVS-471 > Music > audiobooks

NASFFF623 > QNAP TVS-471 > Music > Music

If you try to add a new path you can add nasfff6723 > qnap tvs-471> roon server but then no choice for music. I dont have the option of just roon

My screenshot might be misleading. “Roon” is the hostname of my TVS.471. So it is fine if your path starts with NASFFF623.

But it does not show that tracks are imported (0 Tracks imported), right?

No, all it says is “Watching for new files in real time”

Can you click “Edit” in the 3-dot-icon dropdown menu next to your storage location, click on “Browse” (in the next window} and browse to your “Music” shared folder and select the folder “Music” in it again? Then click “Select this Folder” and “Save”.