Remote Connection issues; Mac Mini to Surface and iPad [Solved]

I’m new to Roon (trial period). Started to control my usb-dac-connected mac mini with iPad. No problem as a remote, but could not use the iPad for listening. Today I added a remote Surface Pro, which has the possibility to be configured as an endpoint. I effectively get connection with the mac mini database, but after a few minutes (or shorter) I get dropouts and finally the connection completely gets lost. Is this normal behaviour with Windows 10 and iOS, or am I missing something?

Hi Johan,

The iOS app doesnt support private zones, so that is expected. There will be a RoonSpeakers app which will enable iOS devices to do that.

Check these common Remote connection issues. If you continue to have issues after checking those things we will transfer this post to Support and ask a dev to help

The iPad cannot be used to play music on yet. See this for more detail.

However your surface pro should work as a remote and you should be able to playback music on it. the drops outs sound like a network issue of some sort. Try some basic things like rebooting your wireless router and make sure you have a good signal and see if that helps.

Well, we are one day later. I restarted the router, but without result. To my surprise the iPad remote Roon now also looses connection all the time since I configured the Windows 10, yesterday (after having functioned faultless during one week)! In fact it has become useless (I was giving a demo to a hifi dealer…). It can’t be no coincidence, I believe, the problem must be related somehow to the simultaneous use of Windows and OSx/ iOS?

Does your Mac Mini have a fixed IP address ? That can sometimes help with connection issues.

Let’s leave some notifications for @mike and @vova. Issues like this usually get resolved pretty quickly.

I am using a mac mini with a surface book as a remote without any connection problems. The only issue I still battle with is that Roon refuses to play around 1000 tracks out of more or less 15000.

Hi @Johan_Strypsteen – sorry to hear you’re having some problems here.

As far as we know, there aren’t any issues here, and we have lots of members running Roon on multiple platforms at once.

Sadly, this kind of issue almost always comes down to network configuration, which usually takes some time and patience to work out. We’re happy to help, so why don’t you start by giving us a few more details about your network, and how your devices are configured (static IP, dhcp), and we’ll go from there and get this working.


Thanks for the prompt support offering.
As you stated, this can take some time, and I unfortunately can’t work on this over the week. I hope you can take up this case again, after the weekend.

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Problem solved: router placement.

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