Remote Connection Issues on LInux

I am having issues remotely connecting to my Roon server from outside my local network. Roon Server is hosted on my NAS which is running Debian Jessie. I’ve manually opened UDP 9003 and TCP 9100 - 9200 on my router. I even tried putting the server hosting Roon in the DMZ for a short period but no luck when I have it search my WAN IP. I can discover Roon fine from behind the router. I am able to successfully do NAT punch-through for other purposes so I don’t think it’s a network issue but am open to suggestions.

I’ve read the FAQs which indicate “Allow Remote Connections” must be enabled in the UI. I don’t see this option, is there a config file where I can confirm this setting?

If someone can briefly explain how the discovery process works technically that might help…


Roon only supports connections on the same subnet. There are no config files with other options than what is in the UI.