Remote connection issues with iPhone 7 and Gigabyte GB-BKi7-7500


Even after changing to static channels on WiFi I still get glitches in connection with my Iphone 7. The Ipad Pro is performing better but also still glitches.

Any more ideas?

You may wish to consider the discussion here - iPad Roon Remote Loosing Connection Every 30 sec [Resolved] - and look at the firewall and remote settings within windows, the last windows update may have had a impact on your network configuration.

Thanks! I saw that Roonappliance was permitted in my Bitdefender firewall, but Roonserver was not. Let us see if this does the trick. Windows firewall is disabled by the way. I use Bitdefender 2017 including it’s firewall.

Thanks for the heads-up on this problem!
Kind regards,

No, no luck there… still glitching.

My setup:

Roon server 1.3 build 209

Running on Windows 10 pro
Gigabyte GB-BKi7-7500 with 32gb DDR4 memory
Windows installed on a Samsung EVO960 M.2 SSD drive 256gb. No additional drives.

Music is stored on a QNAP Nas with 4 disks. Nas is dedicated for this storage only.

All is DHCP.

Router is Netgear Nighthawk R7000.

Gigabyte is connected by HDMI to a Denon AVR-X7200 WA receiver(waiting for Oppo BDP205)

Using Asio4All to stream 6 channels to the receiver.

I use iphone7 10.2.1 for remote and Ipad Pro 10.2.1 also for remote.

No firewall on NAS or Netgear and no restrictions of any kind.

Bitdefender firewall is set to not bother with:

WiFi channels on 2.4 and 5 are fixed.

Please help!

Kind regards,

As a test have you tried disconnecting all other devices from the network?


I will try that now and will report back.

Still glitching :unamused: Getting somewhat frustrated now :tired_face:


Let’s call on @support to help you out.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @Sjoerd_Smits ---- I see from your previous post that you created security exceptions for Roon appliance and RoonSever, how about RAATServer?


Hi @Eric

RAAT is in that list too :slight_smile:

@Sjoerd_Smits ---- Thank you for confirming that for me. Besides the router you’ve mentioned, do you have any other networking hardware in place?

Furthermore, have you tried reinstalling the application on those device since you noticed this behavior?


Hi @Eric, I re installed about 3 times after every change, just to be sure. Same goes for the IOS App.

Internet comes in by use of a FritzBox. But it is not the DHCP server, that task is done by the Netgear.

Right now, nothing else is connected other than my Iphone, the Roon PC and the NAS. The rest is off and/or disconnected.

Could it be the Netgear???

Hi @Sjoerd_Smits ----- Thank you for verifying that information for me!

Can you confirm the model Frtizbox you are using?


Hi @Eric,

It is a Fritz!Box 7369

Hey @Sjoerd_Smits - can you describe the symptoms you’re seeing a little bit more?

Does the iPhone lose connection when it’s open and actively being used, or are you just seeing a reconnect when you’re switching back to Roon?

Can you elaborate a bit more about what’s performing differently between the iPad and the iPhone? Thanks!

Hi @mike,

What I see is, used or on pause, constant loss of connection with the core. Sometimes just a glitch. In that case the page returns where it stopped. But sometimes more than just a glitch and page goes back to “A” when I was browsing " Q"

When changing settings and glitching, it allways comes back “not in settings”.

This is the same for Ipad and Iphone, Ipad is just faster.


And this happens when you’re actively using the Roon app, right? It just suddenly disconnects, even if you’re not sleeping the phone or switching to a different app?

Does this happen regardless of your wifi coverage? That router should be solid, but I’m wondering for example whether things are any better if you’re standing right next to the router, as opposed to being on the other side of the house?

Hi @mike,

It is completely random. I even chose a wifi channel that was not present here in my neighbourhood. Wifi is solid and strong. It does not matter where I stand. Even in the back of my garden.
Note that audio playback is not affected.

Is your “cast to device” options under windows enabled generally including firewall settings? Check the inbound and outbound rules within your network - I spent hours on mine eliminating each issue before getting this to work.