Remote Connection waiting for Roon Core

My Nucleus has been working great for 18 months and now I cannot connect. I just get this message: Remote Connection waiting for Roon Core. I am connecting the Nucleus to an Ethernet connection on my router. It is connected to Port 3 and no devices are showing on Port 3 on the router server. Not sure how to proceed so I would be grateful of any help.

That sounds like the Nucleus has died :frowning:

I would recommend connecting a HDMI monitor or TV to the Nucleus to see what is display on the screen (if anything).

I would also change the ethernet cable and try a different port on your router, just to rule out any issues with those items.

I’ve tried a different ethernet cable and cannot see anything when I connect the HDMI cable to the TV.

I think you are in the UK, so I assume you purchased the Nucleus from a dealer (rather than directly from Roon) … if this is the case I recommend calling them to get unit repaired.

Yes I’m in the UK. I’ll contact the dealer on Monday as the unit is under two years old I assume it is still under warranty.

Thanks for the help.

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