Remote connectivity issues - best networking practices? [Resolved]

I’m also experiencing connection problems with my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro. Yesterday my iPhone could connect to my Core and my iPad couldn’t (both on the same network, latest build installed). Today both can’t connect.

I really think it has to do with my network setup / router. I had no problems using my Airport Extreme as a router, but now I use a Technicolor router (same as previous poster) and my Airport Extreme as a wifi hotspot (bridged).

Are there any best practices to configure your network?

Hi @dibb — Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles. I went ahead and split your post into a new topic so we can address your specific issue(s) more directly :sunglasses:

Besides, the Airport extreme and the Technicolor router (TG582n), are there any other networking devices you are using? If so can you verify that information for me and provide a description of what the chain of communication looks like in your home network? Can you provide some further details about your setup, as seen here?

Since noticing this behavior have you tried reinstalling the remote application on those devices? Does power cycling your equipment (router included) help, even if it is temporarily?


hi @Eric. thanks a lot for reaching out so quickly. uninstalling the remote app and reinstalling it solved my problem.

now I finally can test out 1.3 + BlueSound integration… happy times :wink:

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