Remote control app on smartphone keeps shutting down over and over again

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

window/version 1.7 build 521

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

iptime AP304, my laptop with roon core on wifi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

bluesound node2, network connected via lan cable with iptime AP304, remote control app on my smartphone(Galaxy note 5)

Description Of Issue

It has been fine until today even though I have experienced frequent stoppage while listening music. I’ll say it is ok.
But today, roon remote controller on my smartphone goes shutting down everytime I select it. In detail, when I touch the application’s icon on the phone, it starts to show the initial display(‘roon’ logo, ‘remote connection’, then showing ‘loading album…’), and as soon as it shows ‘loading album’ page, it shuts down automatically. It keeps doing it, I need some help.

Start by removing the app from your phone, then reboot the phone and reinstall it? Do you have other remotes which CAN acces your library?

Yes, I do have other remote on other smartphone.
First of all, I’m going to remove the app and reboot, then reinstall it.


Hi @Dongjin_Lee,

Was there any change in behavior with reinstalling the Roon app? We have also just released Roon build 528 which contains a few changes with regard to Android, can you please make sure you have updated both Core and Remote to the newest build?

I just noticed there was a new build release.
I’ve installed the build528, so I’m gonna let you know what has happend in a few hours.

When I said ‘I’ve installed’, I meant I had started to install built528 and it was ongoing.
It’s been a few hours and I somehow still cannot finish installment.
It takes so long to download new program, and it always winds up showing ‘error occurred while confirming update(I translated this. You may see different message on this.)’.
I am still with ‘build521’.
Something should be pretty wrong, I guess.

3 hours ago, after I left last replay on thread, I started reinstalling build528.
And it’s still showing ‘Downloading…’
Internet is working just fine, though.

This is on your Android based phone, right? So you are having issues downloading the app from Google Play? If so I’d suggest your phone is corrupted or your net not correctly configured.

Hi @Dongjin_Lee,

I would try uninstalling the Roon app and re-installing from the Play store, can you give that a try?

I’m on it now.

Did it work, @Dongjin_Lee?

I’ve been watching for 2 hours, and it looks good.
Only one time of stoppage happened, but it could be other program’s problem(I was streaming Tidal via roon).
For now, I would say problem solved.
Thank you so much for your dedicated help for quite a long time.
Thank you!

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Hi @Dongjin_Lee,

Happy to help! Any other issues, just let us know and we can certainly take a look.

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