Remote control devices losing connectivity to core

I have qw Win10 PC running Roon Core. AM losing connectivity form my roon remote devices. MUsic keep playing, but I can no longer control until I reboot the server, or stop/start the roon server process on the PC.

PC is hard wired in to the network - A cisco meraki Ethernet switch with Cisco meraki Wireless APs supporting the remote clients.

Remote clients can connect to other devices.

Problem started a week or two ago, was reliable up to that time.

Thanks for reaching out, @John_Turbek.

Around the time that this behavior started occurring were there any changes to your current setup? Any networking changes, Windows updates, or anything else that about your setup that occurred around that time?

What kind of remote devices are you using? Are you actively using them when they lose connection to the Core or are they being woken from idle and unable to connect?


I am not aware of any network or device changes. Windows update may be possible on the core.

Primarily I am using an Iphone 12.0.1 for control.
I also have a MAC which shows disconnected then the iphone stops working.

I havent noticed them disconnecting while I am in the middle of using them, only once they try to reconnect.
Generally happens withing an hour of starting/restarting the server.

Hey @John_Turbek,

Since this seems to be affecting all remotes at once, it definitely seems like some networking related difficulties may be at play here.

If you use an app like Fing (an app that scans your network) from the iPhone remote device while it is in this state are you able to see the Core machine on the network?

Does restarting the phone app completely allow you to login or does the Core need to be rebooted for any connection to occur?


Rebooting the phone has no effect.

The core will continue to stream and play tidal while the remotes cannot connect.

Which tcp port does remote use? Does your app support any type of telnet connection to the remote port, where I could validate connectivity?

My Meraki Managment shows the core server online while the remore is mis-behaving.

One item that I will do is to hook up a wired PC into the same switch as the core and verify that there is still an issue.



Thanks for the update, @John_Turbek!

Yes, let me know if there is any change in behavior when doing so. I also would recommend bypassing the switches completely and connecting a Core and remote directly to the router to see if there is any change.

While I know you used this setup fine for a while, is it possible there was a recent firmware update on your networking gear, or any settings that may have been changed? I definitely recommend you check out our networking documentation on managed switches. They often require a bit of advanced setup, so seeing if things are working without those in play will definitely help to narrow down where this behavior may be stemming from.